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Noelle Beaudin:—Phone: (603) 677-6537

  • A Boston Conservatory educated composer, piano teacher, and pianist. I started this site so everyone who is connected to pianos in New Hampshire can have an organized and free directory to go to as a resource.
  • I teach piano lessons in Sandwich New Hampshire. I am also the Program Director and Founder of the NH Independent School of Music, a nonprofit music school serving the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. On Sundays, I am the Choir Director and Pianist for the Unitarian Universalist Society of Laconia. There is some more information on me at

Teaching Method

  • There are many methods available for teaching piano. If the teacher is experienced in piano pedagogy, the method books they choose for their students reinforces the lesson plan.
  • There are three types of methods most commonly used in teaching piano: position playing, landmark approach, and the multikey approach. I use a combination of the landmark approach and the multikey approach. If you are unfamiliar with these approaches, I urge you to read this excerpt from James Bastien’s “How to Teach Piano successfully”. Also, you might want to read this review of the Faber & Faber "Piano Adventures" so that you can understand the shortcomings of the position playing method.
  • Personally, I prefer to use the Russian School of Piano Playing books published by Boosey & Hawkes. These books teach piano beginning with technique, instead of relying on the student to just learn notes and finger numbers. Technique is the single most important piece of great piano playing.
  • Performance and ensemble playing are also an important part of my piano teaching methodology. Every year I have two recitals: one in December and one at the end of the school year. Students are encouraged to perform, but performance is not mandatory as I believe that performances should be a positive experience. I also encourage all my students to participate in local ensembles, and I find that playing duets on a regular basis encourages confidence and improved technique.