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Would you like to study classical chamber music, folk, blues, or jazz with people your own age? Visit the NH Independent School of Music at:

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This site was created to help piano students find piano teachers, people to find professional performing pianists, and owners to find tuners, repair technicians, piano movers or dealers in your area of NH. Just click on the links to find what you need!

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I am a piano teacher in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. I created this Web site so that everyone connected with pianos (or other keyboards) in the State of New Hampshire could advertise their services for free. If you would like to be listed on this site, please click on Join This is a free service! If you would like to learn more about and my teaching method, please contact me directly.

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Do you need to hire a pianist for a concert performance, fundraiser event, wedding, cocktail hour, or other special occasion? Looking for a classical pianist, jazz trio, or popular duo? Then check out the Hire a Pianist section of this site.


If your business is related to the piano and is located in New Hampshire, you may join this site for free. Please fill out the information on Join NHPiano.